Brand story

About 3:15 Brand Story-Love Tea From Heart

3:15PM created the first innovative “teabag” milk tea in the world, with its slogan "Real Tea Leaves; True Milk Tea".

Mr. Justin Chu, the founder of SHIH CHEn FOODS CO., LTD, and a descendant of a tea farmer as well created the brand--3:15PM in 1991. Based on hundred years of tea-making experience, and a love for Taiwan Tea. SHIH CHEn built Long-term cooperation with Nantou tea farmers. Using the whole tea leaves of Taiwan Oolong tea, mixed with black tea as the base, combined a variety of tastes and flavors, breaking the rule of the traditional powder form of instant milk tea, and created the first “teabag” milk tea! Our unique flavor has become a must-buy souvenir and puts 3:15PM on the map. We successfully launched our products at Costco in South Korea and Australia. Recently, we have been nominated as the Best Seller on Amazon in Europe and the United States, we managed to gain a foothold in the global market! We have our ecological tea garden and use agricultural technology to develop micron biotech cold brew technology, which subverts the traditional brewing way. We completely retain the nutritious ingredients. These quick serving drinks are not only convenient, and delicious, but also are more in line with the SDGs-environmentally friendly! 3:15PM not only is the BEST trending brand choice of afternoon tea but also a trending brand for healthy drinks!

Love you so hold onInsist on giving you the most suitable "good tea".

because I love you,
At 3:15, insist on giving you the most suitable "good tea".

It is like a perfumer's professional sense of smell. Combining special tea-making technology at 3:15, the original "Zhu's Fragrant Baking" allows the favorite Taiwan tea to be brewed and drunk, and it blooms for both Orientals and Westerners. Great taste. At 3:15pm in the leisurely afternoon, have a cup of milk tea or straight fire oolong, and taste the "new tea culture" that blends ancient and modern Chinese and foreign at 3:15. Feel the love of Taiwanese tea, discover vitality and joy, at 3:15, we fell in love with tea together.